I wish to share my happy moments with you. I hope it helps you to reflect about life in a positive manner, to travel and to dream. This life experience I had did not make me better or worse than anyone else. My life was blessed with special opportunities and I am sure yours might have also have been blessed with them, or it will be at any moment. I have not got the intention of showing an unrealistic life, let alone to coming across as having a perfect life, because I don’t really. I had this divine travelling life opportunity and I am very thankful for these blissful moments. In my pictures and videos I will be sharing only the great times I had. Throughout this trip we experienced moments of pain, loss and many other setbacks as happens to everyone. Again, we are not more or less privileged in life than anyone else. Do not think your life is not perfect because you have got problems. Learn how to appreciate what you have, while you have it. Respect your family members, be patient, positive and loving. It will not alway be easy but do your part and you will be rewarded. My marriage life is also not perfect, however you can not see our differences in the pictures. I also have a quite rare illness called Trigeminal Neuralgia. When I decided to set off for this trip one of my doctors tried change my mind and convince me that it would be better not to travel. She was afraid that this trip would bring me much discomfort as I had to face many difficulties such as the changes in time zones, pressure from the flights, temperature, air humidity, diet and above all the fear that I would not find my medicines which I can not live without since I got ill. Those things which normally are harmless for the majority of people, for me, since I got ill, can severely affect the quality of my life. Even with all these consideration and difficulties I decided not to let the illness to take control of my life but control my illness and live my life. Be positive always. I am sure your life is also full of good things even though other people are not able to see that or it may look not very interesting to them. I hope that sharing my moments with you brings you happines, life strengths and inner peace.

About my beloved family and myself.

My name is Yara. I was born in 1981 in a small city in the interior of São Paulo state, Brazil. I moved to London in order to study English after wining a state-wide prize in the company I was working for, named Vivo (Telefonica). I was working as an Area Supervisor, assisting many shops around my region. I’ve got an Bsc in Business Administration focused in Marketing. I have also studied Spanish language for 3 years. As a hobby I have been playing tennis for the past few years, which I absolutely enjoy doing. I’ve also started doing yoga and running, which make me feel very healthy and relaxed.

All my family members live in Brazil. I’ve got the most beloved family a person could wish for. My mum, Fatima, is a part-time housewife and part-time self-employed. She has had many different hobbies throughout her live, for example swimming and aqua-aerobics. However, her most recent one is painting. She has done some amazing paintings. She’s a good person and very caring towards the others. As a mother, there aren’t enought words to describe how much she has done for us. My father, Antonio (best known as Perrinho) has worked most of his life at the same company, Olma. Where he became a chemist and retired as such. Hard working and honest. He passed away last year (2014) and will be forever remembered, with love.  My elder brother Gustavo, married to Fabiana (a lovely person), is a very hard working person. He has got an Bsc in System Analyses. A very sensitive, smart, responsible, down to earth person, who has a family life focus and is very liked. He is a wonderful brother. My other brother, Bruno, was the youngest one for many years before Witiny joined our family. He is a very determined and clever person, who has managed to get an scholarship towards his Bsc in Business Administration. He is also very responsible and caring. He is an adorable brother. The youngest one, Witiny, is a naughty but sweet child who has brought lots of happiness to our family. He’s going to school and doing remarkable well. I couldn’t not mention my aunt Maria Jose, who passed away a year after I moved to London. She lived with us and helped my mum to bring us up. She worked as a seamstress. Although in some stage of her life she has done some alterations for some extremely famous people, such as Xuxa, she would never boast about it. She was like a second mum to us. Catholic and strict, she was also very caring. I have to mention that during my childhood and teenage years she would get up early every day and prepare a some chocolate milkshake, which she would fetch me in bed, waiting until I’d finished drinking it to take the glass away. Sometimes without even opening my eyes I’d hear her whispering ‘Yara your milk’ then I’d straight my arms towards her and she’d put the glass on my hands. I’d then drink it, and again with my eyes closed give the glass back to her and fall sleep again. I can’t explain how amazing this chocolate milk tasted, neither how nicely I’d fall sleep after having it. This is one of many the very memorable moments she has left marked in my heart. I’m a very proud sister and daughter, as well as I proud niece. We’re a very close-nit family who loved each other unconditionally no matter the difficulties life may bring.

The town I came from, is a friendly and fairly quiet place. With one shopping centre, a few tall building and traffic lights. A place where you know all your neighbours and the sharing of some of your grocery shopping happens quite often. They might knock your door needing same sugar or something else, or to give you a bucket full of oranges, mangos and avocados they got from someone else and there were too many for them to have on their own. Moving to London was definitely a exiting challenge.

During my staying in London I met Mark, who I ended up falling in love with. One day, during the summer, he invited me to go for a walk in Richard park. There, on the highest part of the park, he surprised me with his so romantic proposal. He got to his knees and asked me to marry him while showing me a beautiful engagement ring. I sad yes. After that we went to a pub to meet his friends and celebrated with champagne. It was a very special day. Mark and I got married in Brazil, where we were warmly welcomed by family and friends making it an unforgettable, emotional time.

One day, after watching the TV programme ‘Down Under’, which shows British people migrating to Australia, I felt very excited with the idea. This is how our round the world trip idea started somehow.

Firstly we had to check which professions where in demand in the Australia wwww.skillselect.com website to check if applying for a work visa would be possible. It was a long and thorough process. During this time, knowing it would be a long trip to Australia, we decided to visit many other places on the way.

In this blog I’ll initially be writing about our trip experiences and hopefully be giving some useful information intended to help potential future travellers and holiday-makers. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Travel, history, tourism and entertainment.

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