Chobe National Park

The day after we were picked up early for our one-day safari in Chobe National Park. We were in a people carrier with a friendly Italian man, his Ugandan wife and their son. Our driver took us to the Botswana border about 1 hour away. On the way we saw the quadpoint in which you can see four countries: Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. At the Zimbabwe border post we got our exit stamps but the Italian chap was hit with a fine to extend his wife’s visa. We then switched vehicle and a new driver took us to the Botswana immigration office (no visa or entry fee required) and then to our flat-bottomed boat, behind a Spar supermarket.

Our first water safari saw us speed along the Chobe river until we reached a pier with a small hut on it, where the driver paid for our entry into the national park. We saw elephants along the banks, several crocodiles and waterbirds. We watched a couple of jumbos fighting, which was a privilege. Amazingly we got to see a few elephants swim from the bank to the grassy island. They walked into the water until just the top of their heads and raisedtrunks were visible. The smaller ones had to jump up from the river bed to swim the middle section. We were so lucky. What an amazing experience! Chobe National Park - River Safari

The boat pulled in to a small private pier for lunch and we clambered out into a large, spacious hotel. There was a good variety of food, including fish and chips, salads and rice. After eating we got into a vehicle at the front of the hotel and drove down a couple of large roads until we entered Chobe National Park again. The same guide took us along the rough, undulating tracks around the bank of the Chobe river looking for animals. We saw more elephants and gazelles. One of the highlights, however, was watching a giraffe eating the grass. Instead of bending its knees to reach down it splayed its front legs, like it was trying to do the splits. It was very funny. Chobe National Park

Too soon the trip was over though, and we were back at the hotel in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

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