The Maldives is the lowest country in the world, with the highest point only 2.4m above sea-level and apparently has the highest divorce rate. In Singapore at the check in the assistant made us purchase a flight out of the Maldives before she would let us check in, which was unusual, so we did it at the airport. As we approached the Maldives we saw our first atoll (ring-shaped island), and even around Male airport the turquoise waters looked amazing. We started queuing up to go through immigration and we realised we had left the small, brown laptop bag on the airplane, with the laptop and iPad in it! Fortunately one of the security staff was able to retrieve it for us.
To our surprise the airport was on a different island to Male City so we had to take a little ferry (approximately £2 per person) for the 20 min journey. The Japanese lady, Miki, who I had befriended was on the ferry with us. We got in her taxi with her after disembarking and it turned out her hotel was just opposite ours.
We checked into the Skai Lodge (£40 per night) and climbed the double staircase at the side of the building up to our room. After a few minutes we wandered back towards the quay to find a restaurant. We then strolled along the front to the Grand Friday Mosque, we saw the old one too but both were closed to visitors.
Next we tracked down the fish market and saw huge yellow-fin tuna and red snapper, before getting some snacks, fruit and heading back.
The next day saw us waking up, eating some of our snacks for breakfast and lazed around before heading out. We found another restaurant on the quayside for lunch. Mark had chicken chop suey (chicken pieces and cabbage in a thick, gloopy clear sauce) and I tried their tuna steak and vegetables, which was delicious. In the afternoon we spent our time doing some shopping, going to the hospital to get some more of my medicines and sorting out other small things. Later that evening my friend Miki came round for a chat and gave us a torch key ring and a Hello Kitty mousepad, which was nice of her.
We caught a taxi towards the hospital (25 Rufiyaa) to get the 10AM ferry to Maafushi on the South Male Atoll (£2 each, 90 minutes).
It was lovely getting to know Male and seeing the locals. You don’t really get this feeling when visiting the islands only. There isn’t much to do there though so I would say that spending two days there was just perfect.

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