We landed and waited to see if, by chance, our bags had come with us after all, but they hadn’t so we went to the lost luggage office and they filled out a form for us. The lady was very helpful and said we should call the next day to see if they had arrived, and if not she could forward them to Dubai for us. So we caught bus 783 (8.6 Lei for two trips or two people, €1.6) to Unirii Square with just our hand baggage.

We were staying at Apart Hotel SS Residence Unirii (€50 per night), which was only 5 mins away from Unirii square and a large shopping centre. The room was a good size, with a jacuzzi-bath, a balcony, and a mini kitchen. We strolled to the Carrefour supermarket behind the shopping centre, bought ourselves some fish, meat and salad from the deli counter and had that for dinner back at the hotel.

The following morning we went to see the outside of the neoclassical Palace of the Parliament (also known as the Palace of the People). As you would expect from one of the largest buildings in the world, it was huge. It holds the title of the world’s heaviest building and it has 6,000 rooms but sadly it was built at a time when people were queuing for bread, and hundreds of  houses, and several schools and churches were demolished to clear the site.

DSCN0869 (2)

From there It was a short walk to the Old Town where we saw lots of bars and restaurants spilling out onto the cobbled streets.

Continuing from the Old Town, we took in a few more of the old buildings before seeing the Athenaeum Concert Hall. It is a beautful stone building with a curved front and dome behind a manicured little garden. Sadly there was a concert going on so we couldn’t see the famous ceiling.


After calling Tel Aviv and Bucharest airport again from a bakery (to no avail) we found our way back to Unirii square and bought some clean underwater, I got a yellow top too, to keep us going until our luggage reappears.

Learning from our earlier mistake we gave ourselves ample time to get the bus to the airport, and we said goodbye to Europe for a while, as we flew to Dubai.

Romania is a lovely place to visit!


Our three day, two night trip to Bucharest cost 980 New Leu for two people excluding flights. (Prices accurate as at June 2014).

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